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There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a color.

Space can be the most important factor. Is your room small or large or is the side of the house a long, straight run?

Colors interact with each other in various ways so it is also important to consider the color of objects in a room, nearby walls, furniture, and anything else that will be near your painted surface.

For example, an off-white wall will appear pink when placed next to a vibrant red rug.

Another factor is the amount of light in a room. Since color is a reflection of certain rays of light, the level of brightness will effect how a color looks.

Browns will look much deeper in a darker room than in a bright one. It is important to take the color swatch home and see what it looks like in the actual space where it will go and to consider the type of light you are choosing the color in.

If it is an exterior paint, you should choose the color in daylight. While color is a personal selection, be sure to ask your S&L remodeling and design pro for advice on color pairings to create just the right look and feel.

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